Anderson Controls, LC of Wichita Falls, Texas was organized on July 28, 1997. The original members of the Limited Liability Company were R. David Anderson, Randal A. Winfrey and Carl W. Winfrey.

Originally, Anderson Controls was founded as a research and development company. The mission was to obtain patents on new products and technologies. The goal was to license the rights to these patents to industry for the purposes of manufacturing and distributing the products.

Anderson has been successful in obtaining patents on a number of different products including pneumatic liquid level controllers with non-bleed pilots, actuators for motor valves, BTEX emissions controls for glycol dehydration units and other environmentally friendly technologies.

As a start-up company, in order to establish credibility in the marketplace, Anderson decided to expand into the actual manufacturing and distribution of pneumatic liquid level controllers.

Our most popular product, which is featured in this web site, is the Anderson 2202-JR. This controller is very price competitive and user friendly. We maintain a large inventory and can normally ship same or next day. We introduced this model in 2001 and currently have over 5000 units in service.

The "Junior" is marketed primarily in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, but is currently expanding in New Mexico, Arkansas and the Rockies. This product can be purchased through most supply stores including majors such as Wilson, Redman, National Oilwell, etc. It can also be specified on original equipment through OEM's such as NATCO, Challenger, Energy Weldfab, etc. Anderson has been very popular with end-users like Anadarko and operators in the nearby Barnett Shale play.

R. David "Dave" Anderson has a BS in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University. He started his career with Cameron Iron Works in Houston, but soon returned to his native Wichita Falls as head of Engineering for Englemann General. When Englemann sold to NATCO, David later established a manufacturing plant for Burgess-Manning of New York in Wichita Falls. Mr. Anderson has always been an inventor and had developed several products before establishing Anderson Controls.

Randal A. "Randy" Winfrey graduated with a BBA in marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and went directly into oil and gas production. He is currently president of Winfrey Oil Co., Inc. in Wichita Falls, Texas and also supervises manufacturing and quality control for Anderson Controls.

Carl W. Winfrey majored in marketing and business administration at Texas Tech University. He is currently vice-president of Winfrey Oil Co., Inc. and is general manager and responsible for marketing and administration for Anderson Controls.

Max Vordenbaum has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A & M and is a prominent member and advisor for Anderson Controls, LC. He is a partner in S & J Operating and Stephens & Johnson Engineering of Wichita Falls. He is a highly respected reservoir engineer and very successful in oil and gas production and exploration.

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